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A high quality, affordable education that offers you freedom geographically and with regard to curriculum


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Building Successful Schools Since 2007

The MSG concept was birthed in Kunming China in August of 2007.  It operated successfully there till it was closed in September of 2018. 

A Novel Idea

What if we combined the best of Home Schooling with the best of Traditional Schooling. What if we attempted to build a solid framework that allows parents to fill in the rest with confidence.

Education Planning

We provide about 1/2 of your education by covering English, Math, and Science. The rest is filled in by the parents.


The MSG Model has been working for over 12 years now. The future of this model is strong.

Global Leader 10 Years In a Row 

Not too hard since the MSG iks the only school of its kind. There are MSG franchises operating in Laos and Thailand.


Average profit per year. We are a non-profit school


Average investment per year. The staff give completely to the students.


Creative Team

The MSG-HAN team is still in the forming stage. 

Mic Ngo

Mic Ngo

Managing Director

Thuc Vo

Thuc Vo

Operations Director




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